Saturday, 19 November 2022

Photo Shoot: Stages of Woman

 Completed the photoshoot for all the stages of woman, I may reshoot or complete an additional shoot depending on how the images work in the book.  I took around 450 images, I shot these in Black and white using my Olympus OMD E-10 II, I was using a lightbox and I had added additional black backdrops on all sides to ensure that it was a completely black background.  The dolls were different sizes and, at times, quite awkward depending on the way they moved, some were more flexible than others.  The child doll and the aged wheelchair Barbie were hardest to shoot.  As I had 15 contact sheets I will just share a few here.

I shot these on F3.5, ISO 100. 1/125 with adjustments in exposure compensation and focal length.  
I realised I had forgotten teenage barbie so ordered her ready to add next week.

The ones I thought worked best for this shoot were the child and menopausal woman - she has pink hair and I am not averse to pink hair myself!

I may use one of these images for the book cover.

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