Friday, 18 November 2022

Stages of Woman: First Draft Text for Book

 Please see here the intended text to go with each image - this is the first draft and so it is just an idea of the story I would like to tell

Stages of Woman


Pure child, full of dreams

Pretty dolls and decent things

Watching Mother cook and clean

Mother talking about how we should be seen


Awkward times, full of discontent

The girl hides away as her mind and body disconnect

Life beckons and so she steps away

Broken dreams, harsh times, and disarray


At last, the girl becomes a woman 

Strong, vibrant, sensual, and uncommon

Gives everything she has, marches forward 

Determined, clever, ambitious, and ordered


Met a man, everything changed

Domestic bliss, she feels shortchanged

The time has come for her to bear

Fruit of her womb, bright and fair


Years of work, child-rearing and domestic chores

Nothing gained, and no reward

Body strained, time marches on 

The change is here and a woman’s life foregone


At last, the woman is free

Her body returned to thee

Strong and hopeful, no man needed

She now steps out and feels completed


Finally, the last hours, show their face

She has lived, wishes she could have been in the fast race

But the woman has to take the slow path

Now she withers on the vine

Contemplating the wonder of divine design

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