Friday 15 January 2021

2D 3D Class: Monochrome

 Okay, today I joined a 2D 3D Class and completed the monochrome task - All of you (art and design students) will have yours on Instagram however since this is a one-off for me I thought I would just share my work here.

This is the image I used, just me as a baby....circa 1975!

This is my picture, I used acrylic as I has no ink handy!

I think I could have worked on it further by adding some darker defining lines, however overall I was actually quite pleased with result. It reminded me a little bit of George Roualt who had quite a few paintings of clowns.

George Rouault began his career working with glass and as he progressed he was interested in using mosaic artworks in churches.  He was a founding member of the fauvist movement and he used a very distinctive style 'He used scribbles, dominant colors, spontaneous figures, and dramatic lighting.' (Sun Signs 2017)

As a religious man, Rouault painted many scenes from the Bible and believed it was his sacred duty to show the sinful nature of society.  


Sun Signs (2017) Georges Rouault Biography [Online] Available from: (Accessed 15.01.21)

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