Saturday, 16 January 2021

Class Development Exercise: Art Portfolio

 Last week I was exploring the alpha and omega, the beginning and the end, and discussing the end times. I like the concepts I could bring into play here and  I am still veering toward using expressionism as the theme.  Therefore for this class development exercise, I used the Flag - as flags are extremely powerful, they are symbols of country and patriotism.  In America, the punishment for burning, defiling, or mutilating the flag is a fine and/or imprisonment for up to a year.  

In Danish law, it is banned to burn flags of other nations as this would be a provocation to other nations however burning the Danish flag is absolutely fine!  In China, you can be imprisoned for up to three years for mocking the national anthem by singing it in a sarcastic voice. Burning, defacing, or stomping on the national flag.  Germany punishes anyone who  “reviles or damages” the German federal flag, with offenders receiving up to five years in prison. Nazi flags are banned in Germany and Austria and can only be used for educational purposes. In France as of July 2010, it is a crime to desecrate the French national flag in public and even distribute images of the action being undertaken in a private setting.

So using this powerful symbol I created an end of the world flag. 

I created this using, pencil, watercolour pencil and red marker.  I created the triptych of destruction on the left-hand side and the screaming head on the right to create a terrifying scenario.  The earthnixlings are what we become a kind of nothingness and here the strong will survive and be reborn!


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