Monday, 25 January 2021

Art Portfolio: Project Plan Expressionism and End of Times

 In this post, I will go through my project plan for the term for my project. This term as I am doing both art and media projects I have kept to the same theme for both end of times and using expressionism.

My SMART outcome is as follows:

This term I will use the theme of Expressionism to create six 2D pieces.  These will be created using drawing/painting.  I will probably use traditional methods however I may experiment using digital drawing as well. The concept for these pieces will be end times to reflect the world situation emulating the German Expressionists and their images of World War I & II. The final images will be scanned/photographed and digitised for the portfolio on my website.  

Why have you chosen to do this project?

I have chosen this project as I am very interested in the German expressionist and this period in history between the First and Second World Wars.  I believe that as we are now we are in a different kind of crisis with the pandemic there is similarities in the sense that the world will be changed because of this.  This pandemic has had major economic, social and societal effects and this has changed our future, particularly in the next few years.  I have stated the end times in my objective however I really mean changing times, a future disrupted and altered. I want to express this through this work. 

Who are you researching for this project? Please list at least three artists and/or designers and your additional research on your concept 

As stated in my previous post on initial research I will be looking at Otto Dix, George Grosz and Ernst Ludwig Kirchner.  In terms of the concept of end times/changed times I will look at different theories that predict end times and theories on the outcome of this crisis.  

What techniques/skills are you developing/learning for this project?

The skills and techniques I will be exploring and hopefully, improving will be my drawing and painting skills, as I am a photographer I always want to improve these skills as I am not naturally talented in this area. Also, I am particularly interested in this style of drawing/painting and it appeals to my own sensibilities.  I would like to experiment with different mediums and I will see what suits the work and my burgeoning skills best!

What do you expect the final outcome of the project to be?

The final outcome will be a collection of six 2D drawings/paintings that I expect to show a consistent theme and colour palette (this is another area I will be experimenting with ) that will be placed in a gallery that best showcases this work on my website.

What have you completed so far for this project?

I have completed initial research on both concept and theme and through this plan, I aim to have set tasks to complete each week to ensure that the project moves forward and I have deadlines to meet.

What do you think will be the issues/drawbacks to the project?

The main issues I can see are my own drawing/painting skills and improving these sufficiently.  Also, the consistency of the pieces will be very important to ensure that this is a collection that will really come together. 

Obviously, my own skills just need practice and work.  The consistency and narrative through the pieces will need much more thought and consideration.

What is your timescale considering that this has to be completed by Week 10?

Week Three: Project Sign off and this plan!

Week Four:  To begin sketching and practice, to consider different color palettes and look at the narrative through the pieces

Week Five: To continue to sketch and start to work on the pieces.  Add further research and look closely at other artists techniques  

Week Six:  Continue to work on the pieces, aim to finalise at least one of these by this time 

Week Seven:  Further research and finalising at least 3 more of the pieces 

Week Eight: Look at website design and update, start to consider portfolio presentation.  Complete all pieces and photograph/scan these for the portfolio 

Week Nine: Quality check everything and write an introduction on the portfolio and complete ready for the deadline. 

What resources or materials will you need for this project?

The resources and materials I will need are cartridge paper, a set of pencils, charcoal pencils, acrylics, paintbrushes, palette, canvasses (possibly),  digital tablet with drawing/painting app

Draw a picture/Write a sentence/sketch a story/write a dialogue that captures the essence of your project

The passion I have will drive this work and through artistic expression, I hope to find a universal meaning that will touch the viewer 

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