Thursday 28 January 2021

Thinking Picture..

 To help me think and work out how I wanted to create my work this term, I worked on this painting, it is not completed however as I was doing this I knew exactly what I did and did not want to do for my paintings.

What I did like was the size of the canvas which was 10 X 12 inches this size worked well for me and so I will be ordering these online.  I primed the canvas and sketched prior to the painting and as I was doing this I realised I would like to create only black and white work so I will use a colour palette of greys.  I have now also have ideas about what each picture will be I will put up sketches of these shortly so that you can see what I intend.  

I obviously still need to work on my drawing/painting skills and I will share my practice with you as I go along.

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