Wednesday 13 January 2021

Media Class: 20 Ideas in 20 Minutes

 To begin generating ideas in class we completed 20 ideas in 20 Minutes.  I completed the grid and here it is!

As it quite difficult to decipher my little scribbles here - I will explain the ideas that I thought were good further:

Create a photographic cabinet of curiosities in the manner of the Victorians like these images here:

Something on the nature of touch and isolation so using photography to show how we have not been able to go near people.  Maybe photographing skin or isolation some photographers have been doing this at this time - here this with the window between them.

I have been doing yoga and so I could use timelapse for a yoga routine perhaps there could be something different about this that would make it more interesting.

There are many more ideas here but I need to find one that is challenging and that will become something that has some universal meaning so people really want to look at the images! 

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