Sunday, 10 January 2021

Set Project: First Thoughts

 This term we have a set project this can be viewed here.  The idea is to consider the brief and write down first thoughts.  My first thoughts are that I am drawn strongly to both Earthly Delights and Expressionism. 

I think the problem with earthly delights is that I may do something that is too simple and that I may get lost on a tangent.  

Expressionism on the other hand I have some strong ideas and I would really like to explore and improve my drawing/painting skills this term.  I could do this in conjunction with photographs and mixed media however I think I am more inclined to not try to use photography as something to help me here as this is too much in my comfort zone.  

My thoughts are to go with expressionism, learn further drawing techniques particularly, and if I feel confident enough to experiment with painting as well. 

I could do this by hand on paper or I could use a digital tablet or I could experiment with both and explore whether one works better than the other for me.  

In terms of the actual concept for this series I think this will need further thought and experimentation with ideas to see where that might lead me...

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