Saturday 30 January 2021

Media: Project Plan - Is this the end?

 This is my project plan for the Media photography project I will be carrying out this term.

Noel Fielding (2015) Been talking to Jesus all my life

Project Title: Is this the end?

Progression Route: Photography

Describe your major project objective using the SMART acronym

To create a collection of six photographic images that are Expressionist/Neo-Expressionist in style and are based on themes relating to the end times. These images will be taken using a digital DSLR camera and the effects will be in-camera, Photoshop will only be used as quality control to ensure consistency throughout the project. The final images will be added to my website in a new gallery. These will be completed by the beginning of March.

Why have you chosen to do this project?

I am very interested in the expressionist work and that period in history from early to middle 20th century with both World Wars. Now we live in different times and face another kind of threat and I want to explore the idea of end times and Revelation through this work. I want to find ways to express this through photography, exploring photography techniques and composition.

Who are you researching for this project? Please list at least three media producers, authors, musicians, photographers etc.

I will be researching Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Helmut Newton and Weegee. I will also look further into the films Nosferatu and The Cabinet of Dr Calgari for their expressionist methods.

What techniques/skills are you developing/learning for this project?

I may explore night photography, further however I am interested in considering further the frame and composition and will be using many indoor shots as this is our life today.

What do you expect the final outcome of the project to be?

The final outcome of this project will be a set of six images that will be on a gallery on my website. I will also physically output these in hard copy. These images will reflect the end times, I am considering the maniacal laughter and madness that comes when the world seems to be falling.

What have you completed so far for this project?

I have developed and researched my initial ideas, I have considered the equipment and resources I will need/use. I now need to create some test shots and sketches as my next step.

What do you think will be the issues/drawbacks to the project?

As always, time is against me and I will need to ensure that I stick to a strictly disciplined plan to ensure that this will be completed in a timely manner. I also am concerned that I won't get the shots I want, and will need ot reshoot several times.

What is your timescale considering that this has to be completed by Week 10?

Week Three: Project Sign off and this plan!

Week Four: To begin sketching and test shot practice, to consider different compositional techniques and the content of each image

Week Five: To continue to take test shots. Add further research and look closely at other artists techniques

Week Six
: Continue to work on the photographs, aim to finalise at least two of these by this time

Week Seven: Further research and finalising at least 3 more of the photographs

Week Eight: Look at website design and update, start to consider portfolio presentation. Complete all pieces ready for portfolio

Week Nine: Quality check everything and write an introduction on the portfolio and complete ready for the deadline.

What resources or materials will you need for this project?

I will be using a DSLR Camera probably my Olympus OM-2 and My Compact camera Olympus Stylus SH-2. I will also be using a tripod, self timer/remote. Photographic printer. Props, Photoshop

Draw a picture/Write a sentence/sketch a story/write a dialogue that captures the essence of your project

'It was given to him to give breath to it, to the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause as many as wouldn't worship the image of the beast to be killed.' (Revelation 13:15) This resonated with the idea of dictatorships and the forced worship of evil.

We do not face evil now but something more indiscriminate, this is a different kind of fear.

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