Monday 15 October 2018

App Software Online: Appypie

Prior to choosing Appypie the app software that I have chosen to use I researched other app software - I started by looking at this: Website Tool Tester Blog which discusses the differences between 18 different online apps.  As this article states many apps are PWA (Progressive Web App) therefore essentially a mobile friendly website.  Native Apps are what most people actually want to buy however to create these is far more expensive but you can get them listed in the Android and Apple ecosystems. 

There are many different app builders to choose from each with different pros and cons and to go through all of these here would be very laborious so I will go into instead the reason I have chosen Appypie: 

  • It has a cheap basic package at $12 per month which I can cancel if I do not like it.
  • It has a user friendly interface
  • It does not require computer coding
  • It has the functionality I require to create my dictionary of photographers
  • I can add instant chats
  • I can promote and market 
  • I can add push notifications
  • I can monetise this app
This is the dashboard to start using all the features which are easily accessible and simple to use. 

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