Sunday, 7 October 2018

Final Advert Creation

Now all the elements have been completed I can put the advert together using Photoshop.  I begin by creating a new A3 canvas at 300dpi so that it can be output if I wanted to create a high quality print version.

I then using the elliptical marquee tool selected the two images that I wished to use in the advert and added these and resized and moved to make this as balanced as I could in the advertisement.

I then added the text and kept the colour in keeping with my logo I used Britannica Bold to create the look I wanted throughout.

I moved the text and images slightly to ensure that everything lined up correctly and I also added a disclaimer to ensure that no liability could be placed upon Fertility magic if the magic did not work!

I saved this file is both psd and jpeg formats so that I could change if I wished and also upload where I needed to easily and quickly.

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