Sunday, 7 October 2018

Initial Plan and Contact Sheets

To begin I drew out a rough sketch of what I intended for the advert.  I intend to create a logo and call my company 'Fertility Magic' I will also take images of myself with a baby and pictures of the magical statues that I spoke of in my last post.

The Plan for 'Fertility Magic'

The logo I got from a stock image and will adjust on Photoshop to make my own:

I chose this symbol as the breastfeeding mother seems the most natural and closest in terms of showing a bond between the idea of mother and child.

Below are the contacts of all shots I have taken in preparation for the Advert  - the Mother child shots I took at home however these could have been improved by taking them in the studio or in natural light.  As I was short of time in terms of deadline for the advert I will see if these will work, if not I will reshoot. 

The Magical Statuettes I shot in the studio and I am very pleased with the results.

 Mother/Baby Shots 

Magical Fertility Statuettes

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