Sunday 28 October 2018

Website Creation One

As I had already completed the website prior to this course beginning I will discuss the updates and improvements I have made to ensure that the website is absolutely at its best. First I checked my overview to ensure all the correct settings are inplace and enabled. 

This is important as I want to optimise the website as much as possible to make it easy to find in a search and that all details are correct. Some settings are only available on a Premium Plan - at present I am sticking with the basic plan.

I checked my homepage and I am still happy with this configuration the navigation is good and works well - I am happy with the colours and the scrolling images.

I then started to add metatags and descriptions to the the settings on my gallery pages this is so that it will be easily found on search engines and will be much more user friendly.  I also enabled cache rendering so that again the site is kept clean and smooth for the user.

Next I changed the page settings to ensure again that the page itself is easily searchable and added further tags for the gallery page.

I then added an introduction to the work itself so that there is a concept fro the work that the user can read. I will repeat this with my other gallery page.

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