Monday, 15 October 2018

Major Project Initial Ideas and Project Sign Off

For my major project this term I would like to create a dictionary of photographers that is easily accessible. Therefore I would like to create an app and app content of photographers - I will begin with photographers that really interest me and although in this project I may only be able to create six to ten entries this could be the start of a much bigger project in time. Here is a photograph by Helmut Newton from his Polaroids collection which his wife curated after his death in 2004. He will be one of the photographers that I will be writing about. 

By Helmut Newton from Polaroids (2011)

I have also completed my project sign off here so that you can see other software that I intend to use and the list of photographers I would like to research.

I will need to consider also the title and design of the app and the features that I would like to employ.  I will write much more about this in my next post which will be researching app creators online. 

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