Thursday 28 April 2022

Creating my Website: Home Page, Contact Page & Social Links

 Today I started to create my website on Wix.  I began by choosing my template.  Today I chose to create a site as if I was doing creative and journalism.

I then added my name and the title of my website 'The Joy and Art of Writing', I did this by clicking on the text boxes and clicking 'Edit Text' and I used Cormorant Garamond Light Font at 67 pts for the title and 54pts for my name. 

I then changed the strip background and replaced the image with an image from unsplash that is copyright free. I lowered the opacity so that the text box was more see through and did not detract from the image.

I then go to menu on the the left hand side and add a contact and portfolio page.  I did this by clicking on 'add page' and then choosing a blank page for portfolio and a template page for the contact page

I then set up the Contact page form by clicking on set notification on the pop up dialog box and making sure that the contact page was directed to my email.  I also added a picture to make this page more visually pleasing.

I added two social media links which I have placed in the navigation bar so that this will appear on every page.  I set up the correct links and tested these in preview. 

I then did a quick check of the mobile view - I adjusted my name just by clicking 'edit text' and reducing the size and I got rid of some white space.  I did the same for the contact page just checking this worked and the menu worked correctly to scroll through

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