Thursday, 7 April 2022

Fashion Research: Men's Fashion Calvin Klein


I have chosen to look at men's clothing design as this market is not as saturated as the women's clothes market and I feel I can create designs that new and innovative in this market.  I am going to look at Calvin Klein as he really has cornered the men's underwear market and has sexy, daring and eye catching campaigns that have made his underwear part of everyday life and instantly recognisable. Ferrier states in The Guardian; 'Calvin Klein pants, briefs and boxers, and now bras and swimwear in womenswear, remain the resolute king of underwear.' (Ferrier, 2022).  Men's underwear has not changed much in terms of design; 'The people who brought boxer shorts to the UK, Sunspel have been making underwear since 1860. Their boxers are almost identical to the original designs but they’ve done away with the excess fabric so you can wear them under fitted trousers comfortably.' (5 of the Best Boxer Shorts for Men, From Calvin Klein to Hugo Boss, 2022)  This would be because we have technical advancements in the materials we uses with lycra and cotton mixes that make it possible to have tighter more fitted designs. 

Now we are more concerned about the planet and sustainability of fashion Calvin Klein uses more sustainable materials and in this heritage collection the specifications are:

CK REIMAGINED HERITAGE: An ode to iconic Calvin Klein silhouettes, reclaimed in more sustainable materials with a new jacquard logo finish.

• organic and recycled cotton blend

• medium rise waist

• Calvin Klein jacquard logo waistband

(Men's Trunks | Men's Low Rise & Cotton Trunks | Calvin Klein®, 2022)

The success of Calvin Klein and the idea of showing the logo of your underwear really shot these designs to fame and made everyone feel like a star wearing designer clothes; 'Stealth wealth is a noble idea, but as Calvin Klein – the American designer who turned underwear into a status symbol, and by proxy, its wearers into sex symbols – once said: “The only way to advertise is by not focusing on the product.” And lo, the logoed underwear was born.' (Ferrier, 2022).  The use of famous actors, models, football stars etc in their adverts mean that men can feel they can look as good.  In recent years there has also been a rise in men's beauty products and men are starting to care much more about what they wear and how they look every day.  

In my own work this term I would like to explore this market further particularly the mens' underwear market and see if there is anything new or innovative I can add through my own designs.


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