Saturday 9 April 2022

IIM Art Inspired by Art Final Shot & Reflection

 Here is my final choice of shot for my recreation/reimagining


For the final shot, I adjusted slightly on Photoshop by cropping so that the shot was closer to the original.  I also adjusted on curves brightening the image slightly as the original is slightly more exposed. 

I think as a recreation this was an interesting one as the girl in the original is young and has the look of innocence surrounded by the cream and white but also is in her own environment.  I also have used my own environment for the shot so this reflects very much of my own look in the shot.  I am not young and so don't have the naivety of the original but I think there is the same slight sadness to the look and softness to the image that makes it compelling. 

I also tried this in black and white just to see if this would change the feel of the image. I liked the black and white however I think the color shot works better with the light and the blond hair, purple duvet and sunlight on skin.

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