Monday 11 April 2022

IIM Book Cover Design: Initial Ideas & Practice

 This week we are being inspired by written work and so we are looking at book cover design so I need to consider books I might like to redesign.  I am tempted to C.S. Samson, here are some examples of his book covers 

As you can see, these book covers work as a set however I think I could do something interesting with these titles so I am going to do a practice run in class.

I began by creating a canvas on photoshop, I did this by clicking on create new and then 'Print' in the top menu of the dialog box.  I then picked an A$ size from the templates and changed the resolution to 300 dpi for high quality in case I wanted to print.

I then opened by image in Photoshop which I found on Pexels which I thought would work quite well with the book title of 'Revelation'.  As this is a historical novel then I needed an image that was timeless and certainly did not look contemporary.  The image also had the dramatic air that reminded me of the novel itself. 

I then wanted to add the text so I spent some time choosing a suitable font so the typography, again reflected the novel itself.  I chose Euclid Fraktur for the title and authors name and the title was at  100pts & the author at 36 pts.  I lined this up to centre this as the image was central so this would balance well and be aesthetically pleasing. 

I then added a tagline to interest and excite readers and those that know the stories would want to buy this book in the series - I used 30pts Baskerville Old Face 

The final version I saved as a psd, in the cloud and on the desktop and also as a jpeg on the desktop to upload here.

As a practice this worked quite well and considering it was completed in a very short class this gives me an idea about other books or covers I could explore. 

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