Saturday 9 April 2022

IIM Art Inspired by Art: Process

 Today I set up the shoot for art inspired by art images.  I was trying to recreate and reimagine the image by Katy Grannan discussed in the previous post.  

I tried this in my bedroom as the morning light was looking really good and I thought I could shoot at a low angle on my bed.  My flat is small so I had limited space.  I also tried on the living room floor however I think the first set works better here and so I will just share the first set

I created contacts on Photoshop just by going to File - Contacts - and then choosing the file on the dialog box.  

I took the images using my Olympus E-3 with a remote control, I started with the settings at ISO 400. F3.5. I shot in RAW and jpeg so I have both versions for editing. I took 120 images in this shoot,

After studying the shots actually the very first shot I took is the one I liked the best.  I think this is highly unusual however I think it was the nature of the shot.  The original has had a naivety and I think that in the first shot I just tried the pose and this lack of adjustment to the shoot kind of captured something of the original. 

So here are the three shots that I liked the most

The settings for the three shots were:

I will now choose my final shot and decide which will be my reimagining of the original.

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