Tuesday, 26 April 2022

Creative Writing Exercise: Disappointment

 Emotion - Disappointment

This is a creative writing exercise of a piece of prose that we wrote in class for 20 minutes 

Paris has spent days waiting for the letter, it was his future contained on one small beautifully typed (he imagined) piece of vellum paper.  He had imagined seeing the his name and the words; 'you have been accepted' for what seemed like an eternity.  Paris could hear his mother calling from downstairs; 'Breakfast Parry, lets go, I ain't waiting any longer!' Twenty two years old and he still lived with his mother, embarrassing and painful.  He wanted to blame the economy, the state of the nation or his parents but really the fault was his own.  He should have worked harder to save a deposit so he could get a nice little studio flat or houseshared with a friend.  He was, at times, lazy and it was this laziness that meant that he never quite did as well as he should have at school, at work or even with his friends.  He would often beg off going out or going somewhere just out sheer laziness and a feeling that he would prefer to stay in and watch Netflix.  'Parry, get your arse down here, we are both going to be late' his mother shouted again; 'Come on, eh you have a got a letter 'ere..'  The day really had arrived, he knew it would be today, Paris in a sudden fit of energy ran down the threadbare stairs and into the awkward little kitchen that he had been in a million times growing up, it was where everything important happened.  The letter sat on the table, he reached out to touch it...

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